Our vision

CtrlAQUA will lead to a paradigm-shift in salmon aquaculture by providing novel solutions supporting further expansion of Norwegian aquaculture, thereby securing Norway’s position as the world-leading supplier of aquaculture expertise, technology and sustainable seafood

Our objective

Develop technological and biological innovations to make closed-containment aquaculture systems (CCS) a reliable and economically viable technology, for use in strategic parts of the Atlantic salmon production cycle, thus contributing significantly to solving the challenges limiting the envisioned growth in aquaculture

This industry growth is dependent on a strong and persistent research and development effort to ensure minimal environmental impact and fish mortality. In this context, CtrlAQUA aims to provide the required solutions by innovating tomorrow’s technology and knowledge necessary for establishing closed-containment systems within strategic parts of the Atlantic salmon production cycle.

In the three research departments, the main objectives are:

  • Department Technology & Environment:
    To facilitate innovation of CCS technology, water treatment processes, and sensors, to achieve a high level of production control.
  • Department Fish Production & Welfare:
    To provide knowledge and innovations to determine environmental and biological requirements of Atlantic salmon in CCS.
  • Department Preventive Fish Health:
    To develop new innovative tools to increase pathogen control, minimize disease risk and strengthen the health of salmon in CCS.