Researcher in RAS development

Nofima is prioritizing research, development and innovation on future aquaculture industry. A permanent position as researcher is available for candidates interested in research areas at the intersection of biology and technology and with the development of aquaculture in closed systems. The position is related to the centre for research driven innovation SFI CtrlAQUA (

We are looking for a researcher with both theoretical and practical experience within aquaculture technology such as hydro dynamics, sensors, water treatment (technical, chemical and biological) and/or production biology for salmon in closed systems.

To continue and develop research activities within one of our strategic research areas, called “controlled water”, will be the main task.

This area covers research on land based recirculation systems (RAS) and semi-closed floating aquaculture facilities in the sea. Several of the tasks towards 2023 will be related to CtrlAQUA with emphasis on tests of new prototypes, monitoring of sludge, feed and fish performance as well as development of energy smart water treatment systems and real-time water quality measurements.

Application deadline: 21 September 2017.

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