Annual report 2021 for CtrlAQUA is ready

Aquafarm’s system Neptun 4 is being transported to hook up at SalMar’s location in Sekken. Photo: ©Aquafarm.

In the newly released annual report of CtrlAQUA for 2021, focus has been placed on to what extent CtrlAQUA results have made the closed-containment aquaculture systems more “off the shelf”.

Besides containing a sum up of the year, scientific highlights and more, you can meet scientists and students in CtrlAQUA working on key questions: Do semi-closed facilities in the sea protect farmed salmon against pathogens? Which production protocols in RAS provide the best health and growth of post-smolt for grow-out up in sea?

“These questions are answered in two articles where researchers provide knowledge that hopefully authorities, fish farmers and suppliers will find useful to support their decisions in the production of safe and healthy farmed salmon”, says Åsa Espmark, Centre Director of CtrlAQUA.

In 2021 three PhD students defended their degrees at the University of Bergen and NTNU. Three central pieces of the puzzle to make closed containment aquaculture off the shelf product, have been placed. Common for the three candidates is water quality in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) but seen from different angles. In this annual report, you can hear their best advice for the industry, and views on future research needs.

Please view this reader friendly version of the annual report and enjoy reading!

Printable version: CtrlAQUA_annual_report_2021_med