Two new technology partners

Installation of the Atlantium UV systems in a RAS facility in N. America for Myxobolus Cerebralis and Myxosporean protection. Photo: ©Atlantium.

Written by: Reidun Lilleholt Kraugerud for the CtrlAQUA Annual Report 2019

CtrlAQUA has welcomed two new technology suppliers as partners. While the contribution from Atlantium from Israel is to work on treating intake water with UV, the contribution from the Norwegian CreateView is machine learning and artificial intelligence for improved fish welfare.


Getting Atlantium as a partner demonstrates a turning point in CtrlAQUA from the Centre’s emphasis on documenting the technology’s impact on fish, to further developing the technologies in closed systems. Atlantium is a global provider of disinfection solutions, with proprietary UV disinfection technology.

Atlantium has high activity in Norway. One goal of their participation in CtrlAQUA is disinfecting sea-water:

“Our immediate goal is to achieve at least a preliminary mapping of the sea-water microbiological challenges and the required UV doses for their inactivation” says Aran Lavi, Vice President of product in Atlantium, and in charge of their involvement in CtrlAQUA.

He thinks there is a great amount of misinformation and uncertainties relating to UV applications in aquaculture production today, though there has been tremendous development in the field of UV science, in terms of available technologies, their capabilities, and how they can be applied in both land based and closed systems in sea.

“I hope that Atlantium can demonstrate together with our partners in CtrlAQUA that not only can UV be instrumental for the sustainable operation of such facilities, but also that through prodigious qualification, sizing and design, it can actually simplify intake water treatment and make it more straight forward efficient and cost-effective”, says Lavi.


CreateView is a Norwegian technology company that develops and sells welfare sensors that monitor fish health status in fish farms. Their sensors are based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and camera technology. With this technology they can monitor in real time without causing stress to the fish, and potentially detect sea lice, scale loss and skin damage on individual fish.

“We became a partner in CtrlAQUA SFI because we want to strengthen our expertise and adapt our products within closed farming concepts. Membership also strengthens our strategy in investing in this market area”, says Even Bringsdal, CEO of CreateView.

Bringsdal hopes that their contribution will provide increased control and better fish welfare in closed systems.

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