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Nofima hosts CtrlAQUA SFI, Centre for Closed-Containment Aquaculture ( CtrlAQUA is comprised of several industry partners and R&D institutions, and funded by the Research Council of Norway and the partners. CtrlAQUA will develop technological and biological innovations to make closed-containment aquaculture systems a reliable and economically viable technology, for use in strategic part of the salmon production cycle.

To increase the scientific capacity in the centre we are seeking talented and highly motivated researchers:

Researcher in closed-containment aquaculture technology

Nofima seeks a researcher in aquaculture technology. The researcher will be responsible for leading projects in aquaculture technology in close collaboration with CtrlAQUA industry partners. The primary field of study will be hydrodynamic modelling and validation experiments to develop tomorrow’s closed-containment aquaculture technology. This includes development of large rearing units with optimal water velocity and uniform water quality, and efficient water treatment units capable of handling huge flow rates without large head loss.

We are seeking an experienced researcher with a PhD in a relevant engineering field, such as hydrodynamics or water treatment technology. The candidate should be familiar with aqua cultural engineering; however, candidates with research experience from other sectors such as offshore oil and gas, maritime or municipal waste-water engineering will also be considered. The researcher must be familiar with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, and preferably also with some or all of the following tools: computer-aided construction drawing, instrumentation and methods for hydrodynamic measurements, and water quality analysis.

Researcher in closed-containment aquaculture

Nofima seeks a researcher in closed-containment aquaculture, to focus on the intersection between the requirements of Atlantic salmon post-smolts, and the carrying capacity of the technology. The researcher will develop simulation models to identify factors critical for optimization of closed systems. Subsequently, the researcher will validate and refine these models by running controlled experiments on the responses of post-smolts to variations in technology design, dimensioning, and biomass and feed loading. The researcher will be using RAS research facilities, large-scale RAS, and floating semi-closed systems in sea at partner sites.

We are seeking a researcher with a PhD in a relevant biological field. She/he should be familiar with closed-containment aquaculture technology, and be experienced in running experiments to determine requirements of salmonids in such systems. The successful candidate should demonstrate dynamic systems thinking, and experience with simulation model software will be considered an advantage. The researcher should be familiar with proper experimental design and sampling in fish physiology and nutrition studies. Preferably, the candidate should also be experienced in water quality analysis and use of analytical tools for tissue toxicant and metabolites.

Requirements for both positions

We are looking for two highly motivated and creative scientists with excellent publication track records. The researchers will be responsible for efficient project management and communication of project results. Hence, the successful candidates must show good presentation techniques, and a clear understanding of the need to meet project deadlines and budgets. Excellent interpersonal skills will be required, especially a documented ability to work efficiently in a multidisciplinary research team, and with industry partners.

The working place will primarily be Nofima’s location at Sunndalsøra. Frequent travelling for field studies, conferences and meetings must be anticipated. Sunndal is the largest municipality in Møre and Romsdal County in area, covering fjords and alpine scenery. Sunndal is a well-functioning community of about 7 200 persons, and is widely known for its rich cultural life, and extraordinary possibilities for sports and outdoor activities. In special cases, other Nofima locations (Tromsø, Ås, Bergen) may be considered.


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Region: Møre og Romsdal

Job type: Permanent

Working hours: Full-time

Working days: Day

Application deadline: 20/07/2015

Location: Sunndalsøra

Home page:


Bendik Fyhn Terjesen
Mobile: +47 404 57 874

Mari Moren
Mobile: +47 922 37 121

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Nofima AS Sunndalsøra – Researchers (PDF)