Annual report for 2019 is here

This year FishGLOBE is on the cover photo as they officially opened their facility in August and has gone through a tremendous development in the last years, with much input and follow up by CtrlAQUA. Photo: ©FishGLOBE.

The CtrlAQUA annual report for 2019 is now released, presenting an update on the latest development in research and innovation within closed containment aquaculture.

CtrlAQUA Annual Report 2019

“What stands out in 2019, is that we implemented three new focus areas in our research plan. These areas are challenges that have evolved during the last years to be highly important for the industry to solve”, says Åsa Espmark, Centre Director of CtrlAQUA.

The three focus areas are the gas hydrogen sulphide (H2S), the disease nephrocalcinosis, and early sexual maturation. Not least, the annual report contains a sum up of the year, scientific highlights and more.

Please view this reader friendly version of the annual report and enjoy reading!

Printable version: CtrlAQUA_Annual_Report_2019_Print


CtrlAQUA is a centre for research-driven innovation (SFI), which shall develop technological and biological innovations that will make closed-containment aquaculture systems a reliable and economically viable technology in aquaculture. The Norwegian institute Nofima is the host institution, and there are six research partners from Norway, Sweden and the United States, as well as 14 industry partners. CtrlAQUA is co-financed by the Research Council of Norway and its partners, and shall operate from 2015 to 2023.