Fourth Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture

Oct 2016

  Sunndalsøra, Norway

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Join us for the Fourth Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture.

The conference, which will be organized by Nofima and Sunndal Næringsselskap on 25-26th October at Sunndalsøra, will focus on new innovations in smolt and post-smolt production.

“Smolt Production in the Future” is the only conference in Norway with recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) as the main focus. During this year’s conference, there will be presentations by salmon producers, equipment suppliers, governmental agencies and researchers in the fields of smolt and post-smolt production, innovations, design and dimensioning of large facilities (supplier task), floating semiclosed containment systems in the sea, sludge handling and utilization, and biosecurity and control in RAS.

In 2014, we had more than 220 participants. This year it will be possible to sign up for a field trip to Lerøy’s recirculation facility at Belsvik at the end of the conference on 27th October.

In addition to the tour to Lerøy’s land-based RAS, a closeby sea farm and state-of-the-art feed barge will be visited. For several years, Nofima has had a clear research focus on closed-containment aquaculture systems. Emphasis has been on the health and welfare of the fish, the robustness of smolts and postsmolts, and RAS and semi-closed systems technology. In 2015, a centre for research-based innovation (SFI) was established with main center in Sunndalsøra, funded by the Research Council of Norway and the 21 partners. This centre is called CtrlAQUA SFI, Centre for Closed-Containment Aquaculture. CtrlAQUA research results will be presented at the conference.

Language: Norwegian, with professional simultaneous translation to English

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