Kick-off and official opening

May 2015

  Nofima, Sjølseng, Sunndalsøra, Norway

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The program starts with the official opening of CtrlAQUA by the Research Council of Norway. The meeting will also include information about the departments, and the user partners will present their goals for CtrlAQUA and closed aquaculture systems. And we continue with much much more.

The goal for the kick-off is to get to know each other well, and find good ways to work together.

And last, but not least, to plan activities for 2015 so we can start the research in CtrlAQUA!


Wednesday 27 May

Opening – at Nofima

12:00   Welcome, practical information. Astrid Buran Holan, CtrlAQUA SFI leader group member, Nofima
12:10   Lunch – at Nofima NCRA

Part 1 – at Nofima

13:10   Welcome to CtrlAQUA. Øyvind Fylling-Jensen, CEO, Nofima
13:15   Handover of SFI-plaquette. Erik Normann, Department Director, Research Council of Norway, Division of Innovation
13:30   CtrlAQUA – Centre for Closed-containment Aquaculture. Bendik Fyhn Terjesen, Centre Director CtrlAQUA, Nofima
13:50   UNI Research and CtrlAQUA. Tor Solberg, Research Director, UNI Research
14:00   Dept. Fish Production & Welfare. Lars Ebbesson, Leader Dep. Fish Prod & Welfare CtrlAQUA, UNI Research
14:10   Dept. Preventive Fish Health. Harald Takle, Leader Dep. Preventive Fish Health, CtrlAQUA, Nofima
14:20   Dept. Training & Recruitment. Sigurd O. Stefansson, Leader Dept. Training and recruitment,
CtrlAQUA, University of Bergen

14:35   Coffee break

15:15   Farming company goals for CtrlAQUA and closed systems for postsmolts. Harald Sveier, Technical Manager, Lerøy Seafood Group
15:30   Election of CtrlAQUA Board. Bendik Fyhn Terjesen, Nofima, and Nils Haga, Director of Aquaculture Division, Nofima
16:00   Practical information. Astrid Buran Holan, Nofima
16:05   Group photograph
16:35   Checking in at the hotel
17:30   Bus to Kavli Moen Gård
18:30   Kavli Gård, museum. Welcome drink
19:00   Kavli Gård, barn. Dinner and mingling
23:00   Bus to Sunndalsøra hotel

Thursday 28 May – at Nofima

09:00   Checking out of the hotel
09:15   Welcome to Day 2 of Kick-off. Bendik Fyhn Terjesen, Nofima

Part 2 – at Nofima

09:20   Communication in CtrlAQUA. Reidun Lilleholt Kraugerud, CtrlAQUA communication leader,
09:35   Budget, invoicing and financial reporting. Bente Johansen, Nofima CtrlAQUA controller,
09:50   Technical reporting in CtrlAQUA. Åsa Espmark, CtrlAQUA SFI leader group member,
10:00   Technology supplier goals for CtrlAQUA and closed systems for postsmolts. Marius Hægh,
Director of Aquaculture, Krüger Kaldnes
10:15   Pharmaceutical company goals for CtrlAQUA and closed systems for postsmolts. Siri Vike,
CEO Pharmaq Analytiq

10:25   Coffee break

11:00   International partner 1: Hydrodynamic challenges in huge tanks (1000m3+). Steve Summerfelt, Director Aquaculture Systems, Freshwater Institute
11:15   International partner 2: Barrier functions in postsmolts reared in closed systems. Kristina Sundell, Professor, University of Gothenburg
11:30  Marine Harvest goals for CtrlAQUA and closed systems for postsmolts. Ragnar Joenssen, Group Leader Technical, Marine Harvest
11:40   Farming company goals for CtrlAQUA and closed systems for postsmolts. Geir Magne Knutsen, Farming leader, Bremnes Seashore
11:50   Farming company goals for CtrlAQUA and closed systems for postsmolts. Olai Einen, R&D Director, Cermaq
12:00   Lunch – at Nofima NCRA
13:00   Roadmap 2015. Bendik Fyhn Terjesen, Nofima
13:10   Sjur Dagestad, Adjunct professor, motivator, inventor
13:50   Practical information about group work. Astrid Buran Holan, Nofima
13:55   Discussions about 2015 projects. Group meetings
15:00   END

Program for kick-off meeting (PDF)